Data Stewardship

The Center for DATA works closely with the University’s data stewards to fulfill reporting and information requests.  Access to data is overseen by data stewards and data managers who work together to ensure the appropriate use of and access to University data. Functional coordinators ensure awareness and alignment across university functions when reporting and information requests require data that are under the purview of more than one data steward.  

  • Data Stewards - develop and maintain high-level guidance for data access, management and handling through the adoption of policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Data Managers - handle the day-to-day requests and work within the boundaries established by the stewards.  A Data Steward may maintain Data Manager responsibility and/or address requests that are not covered under existing policies or guidelines. 
  • Functional Coordinators– are present for areas where multiple stewardship roles exist across the University for the same business function or process.  The Functional Coordinator is responsible for ensuring coordination, awareness and collaboration occurs for governance decisions within shared University functions.


Functional Area Unit Data Steward Data Manager
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office Joel Carstens, Director Financial Aid Jill Sikora, Associate Director Financial Aid
Student Accounts/Billing Business Services Judy Muller, Director Business Services Joe Simunac, Information Technologist III
Finance and Administration VPFA Kerry Scala, Assoc Vice President Finance  
Admissions - Undergraduate Admissions Kim DeRego*, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Jason Graves, Associate Director Admissions

Admissions - Graduate Graduate School Cari Moorhead, Dean Jon Adams, Information Technologist III
Admissions - UNH Law UNH Law Trish Morris, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Amy Rice, Senior Program Support Assistant
Alumni and Donor Data Advancement Misty McCarthy, AVP Advancement Services Erich Preisendorfer, Director Advancement IT
Registration/Enrollment/Academic History - Undergraduate Registrar’s Office Andy Colby*, University Registrar Steve Bauermeister, Associate Registrar of Technology; Elizabeth Smith, Associate Registrar
Registration/Enrollment/Academic History -  Graduate Graduate School Cari Moorhead, Dean Jon Adams, Information Technologist III
Registration/Enrollment/Academic History - UNH Law UNH Law Lory Attalla, Associate Registrar Lyla Mulkhey, Program Manager

* Functional Coordinator – ensures collaboration and awareness in a functional area – Admissions and Registration/Enrollment/Academic History