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USNH CyberSecurity & Networking  provides leadership in establishing technology, policies, standards and practices to enhance information security for all USNH information and information technology resources.   

Security Alerts

Watch out for malicious Google Drive and cloud storage provider links - Posted May 13, 2021

FBI Warns of Ransomware Attacks Targeting Colleges and Universities - Posted March 31, 2021

Critical Vulnerabilities in SaltStack Being Exploited on UNH Network - Posted May 09, 2020

Update: BlueKeep and DejaBlue Remediation Actions - Posted August 16, 2019

Beware of Capital One Breach and Equifax Settlement Scams - Posted August 02, 2019

BlueKeep Remediation Actions - Posted July 10, 2019

Zoom Vulnerbility Impacting Macs Requires Action - Posted July 09, 2019

Firefox Releases Patches to Stop Zero Day Attacks - Posted June 21, 2019

Mass Phishing Email Campaign with Credential Harvesting Malware Targets State of New Hampshire Employees - Posted April 14, 2021

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