Continua Model for Healthcare

Continua Model for Healthcare Health data is not currently in a form that allows it to be used in a digital age. This inhibits the development of effective health care delivery systems. One area in which this is changing is in the collection of data from medical sensors for home environments. Standards for the representation and transmission of medical device data have been specified by the IEEE 11073 workgroup. These standards, along with others from the IHE and HL7, have been incorporated into an overall system by the Continua Health Alliance.

Standards-based remote health monitoring is an emerging market and has no clear market leader. Lamprey Networks, Inc. (LNI) is working to develop core technology in this area and position itself as a leader in this market.

The problem that we have chosen to focus on for this project has two major components. The first component addresses the task of extending the existing LNI Application Hosting Device (AHD) platform and associated back end cloud server such that it incorporates the next generation Continua WAN protocol that is currently under development. The second component is to provide a biometric-based identification system that provides a high level of confidence that the user of a device is properly identified. The second component will address the user experience, including usage by an elderly population. This issue is seen as being critical for both market adoption as well as acceptance within the regulatory environment.