CRS Services

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We offer the following services:

  • Hardware Repairs and Upgrades
  • Software Repairs and Upgrades
  • Data Backups and Recovery
  • Out of Warrantee Service

Hardware Repair

Computer Repair Services is authorized to perform warranty and out-of-warranty work on all Apple and Dell computers for UNH students, faculty, and staff. 

Regardless of where you purchased your Dell computer, we are able to order hardware under warranty. Standard labor fees for installation apply on models other than Optiplex and Latitude.
Dell Rapid Response Warranties – Unfortunately, we do not perform hardware repairs covered by Rapid Response. If you have a Rapid Response warranty from Dell, please contact Dell directly for service.
Reminder: UNH Setup, including operating system and additional software installations, are not covered under warranty. Inquire at the Computer Repair Services desk in the UNH MUB for more information.
  Purchased at the UNH Computer Store NOT Purchased at the UNH Computer Store
(All Models)
Dell - Optiplex C C
Dell - Latitude C C
Dell - Inspiron C P
Dell - XPS C P
Dell - Others C P

C - Completely covered. All labor and parts will be covered under warranty.

P - Partially covered. Parts will be covered under warranty. The standard CRS fees apply for hardware installation


Software Repairs and Upgrades

Is your PC or Mac running poorly, in need of a tune up or software upgrade? We can help!

Data Backups & Recovery

Your computer data is valuable. Accidents happen. If at all possible, please backup your data before bringing your computer in for service. We are not responsible for data loss as a result of a repair, we offer backup and data recovery services.

Hardware Upgrades

Extend the life of your PC or Mac by adding additional memory or by installing a bigger hard drive.

Out of Warranty Service

In addition to performing authorized warranty service on Apple and Dell computers, we also offer out of warranty service on those brands and other computer brands.