CRS Loaner Laptop Program

We offer a limited number of loaner laptops to UNH students, faculty, and staff whose computers are currently in our shop for service and meet the eligibility requirements outlined below. This service is free, but fees will be assessed for lost, stolen, damaged, or overdue laptops.

Dell and Apple laptops are available. Loaner Laptops are loaded with the latest versions of the respective operating systems, web browsers, University anti-virus software, Microsoft Office suite, as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  • The computer receiving service was purchased from the UNH Computer Store.
  • The computer is receiving service for a manufacturer warranty repair or is covered by a Safeware Product Protection Plan.
  • The borrower presents a valid UNH ID or other photo ID upon receipt of a loaner laptop.
  • The borrower reads and signs the Loaner Laptop Use and Liability Form and the Computer Repair Services Loaner Laptop Form.


Loaner computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Liability of Borrower

The borrower assumes all responsibility for the laptop and any associated accessories, and is required to fill out and sign a Computer Repair Service Loaner Laptop Use and Liability Form and Computer Repair Service Loaner Laptop Form. Borrowers agree to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy ( and shall not install software, change configurations, or alter systems hardware/software. All files or programs saved on the laptop will be deleted upon return; the borrower is responsible for saving all files to a removable storage device. This loaner service is not responsible for damage to the borrowers' data storage device(s), loss of data caused by hardware or battery failure, or files saved to the laptop hard drive.