Student Technology Liaison Program

Marshmallow Challenge

The PMO gave a presentation on LEAN to UNH IT's Student Technology Liaisons on Jan 28th. The Marshmallow Challenge is an exercise that encourages teamwork using limited resources and time.

The Student Technology Liaison Program is a group of UNH students comprised of all disciplines and classes who meet each month with UNH IT to discuss, provide feedback, and potentially test new and existing IT-offered services, products, and support. This group act as liaisons between UNH IT and other UNH Students. 

In exchange for participation, UNH students will be provided lunch, a Linked-In Participation Badge, and (upon request) letters of recommendation for potential employers.

Program goals include:


  1. Educating UNH students on UNH IT services and products.
  2. Improving relations with UNH students by providing a forum to express their questions and concerns while also providing educational and real-life experiences.
  3. Soliciting feedback from UNH students on services and products.
  4. Discussing best methods with which to communicate IT-related news and information to UNH students.
  5. Using feedback to improve delivery of services and products to UNH students.

Value for students:

1. Professional development and growth.
2. Build professional relationships with UNH IT Staff and student colleagues.
3. Opportunity to inform and improve delivery of UNH IT products and services.
4. Provide a voice for UNH students on UNH IT products and services.

If interested, email UNH IT Communications.