Data Requests

Information about UNH is made available through different sources. Before submitting a data request form, please consider whether the information you need is available elsewhere.  Some sources you may wish to explore:

  • The Reports & Data area of this website provides information on UNH enrollment by student characteristics, college, major and degrees awarded as well as access to UNH's Common Data Set.
  • UNH WebIntelligence (WebI) Reporting:  offers an array of reports that draw on student, admissions, HR, and finance data.  WebI is available to internal UNH users only, and most university departments have WebI users who can access the reporting area. 
  • Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Data Center:  IPEDS is a federal source of detailed data on U.S. colleges and universities including UNH.  Data available for download on their website includes the areas of enrollment, financial aid, tuition, graduation, and completions among others.   (Could we post our IPEDS feedback reports?)

If unable to locate the data you need, UNH faculty and staff may use the internal request process to request services. All others can use our external request form.