IT HR Processes

Leave of Absence

  • BSC works with employee and supervisor to ensure the accuracy of dates, both the beginning date and return date.​​​​​See
  • Original leave of absence form is sent to Human Resources.
  • Human Resources processes the entry for leave and return of leave.

Web Time Entry & WISE


  • Supervisor to submit a request with the updated job description and required attachments through People Admin, (once approvals are obtained from Director and CIO).
  • Go to People Admin web site, note the reason for the update, complete the position update, attach the appropriate documents.  For more detailed Classification information review HR web page: or
  • USNH Classification Committee reviews the position description for approval.
  • In IT all reclassifications must have prior approval of the Director, AVP/CIO and the VPFA Office (for the creation of a new position/FTE).  Can obtain via email request.
  • Supervisor submits salary request for approval to Director and BSC.  Once approved, BSC submits a request to HR.

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