Hiring Process

People Admin - Job Posting

The initial process is setting up an account in our job posting and evaluation system, and then assuring the position description has been approved.

Final Selection

  • Our HR partner prefers to be notified when the hiring supervisor has selected a finalist, please reach out to HR to move the process along faster.
  • Interviewing tips are available on the HR web site at www.unh.edu/hr/interview.
  • Once a finalist has been selected, forward your request to the IT.BSC.Managers@unh.edu with a brief explanation for your selection and include your director in your correspondence. The request should include the salary amount.
  • An IT Business Service Center (BSC) Manager will review the funding source and budgeted amounts as well as any internal equity concerns and respond to you and your director.
  • At this point, you would forward the request to our HR Partner with the salary amount and your explanation for your selection.


  • Only upon approval of BSC and HR can an offer can be made.
  • The hiring department is responsible for sending the offer letter to the new hire, there are sample letters on the HR website at: http://www.unh.edu/hr/forms.
  • Hiring department sends a copy of the offer letter with written acceptance to HR, HR Employment Coordinator, and Business Service Center (BSC).
  • Note: please remember to copy the IT.BSC.Managers@unh.edu on all communication regarding the hiring process
  • By the end of six months, the Performance Evaluation will be submitted to HR.