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Last updated: July 19, 2018

Banner 9 Student Upgrade — Check here for project news and updates

Recent Milestones

  • Testing was completed by the core Banner user offices on June 7th
  • The UNH and GSC Banner 9 Student production environments were deployed on June 10th
    NOTE: The current plan is that the UNH and GSC Banner 8 production environments will remain available for usage until the end of October. This will allow all offices to transition to Banner 9 throughout the summer and early fall.
  • Based on survey results, we held two overview/demo sessions. Information from the sessions is available under Useful Links & Documents at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Events

  • We plan to open up the UNH and GSC Banner 9 Production environments to all Banner Student users in July
  • Transition of all Banner Student users over to Banner 9 by early Fall

Quick Refresher on the Banner 9 Project

Banner 9 is a newer version of Banner which will provide a more modern and user-friendly experience. Changes are generally cosmetic in nature and all Banner functionality will remain intact. This upgrade is a necessity as vendor support for the current iteration of Banner (Banner 8) terminates at the end of 2018.

Summary of Banner 9 advantages and features:

  • Eliminates browser compatibility problems
  • Improves and simplifies the upgrade process
  • Updated look and feel
  • Mobile friendly

Try It Out!

If you are already a Banner user, you can try it out via the Banner 9 Admin Pages Test Server.

Having trouble logging in? You can reset your password by going to Then choose the "Test & Development Environments" menu. Click the "Reset SSO/LDAP Test Password" link near the bottom of the menu.

Current Timeline

Banner 9 Tentative Timeline

  Task Dates Date Complete
Checkmark Prod Install - Banner 9 Database Prerequisites March 25th March 25th
Checkmark Forms Transformation Testing May 31st May 30th
Checkmark Prod Install - Banner 8 Release Prerequisites April 29th April 29th
Checkmark Banner 9 Test Database Refreshes Mid May May 11th
Checkmark Test Install - Banner 9/8.x Bundled Release Mid May May 15th

Prod Install - Banner 9/8.x Bundled Release and
Rollout of Banner 9 Admin Pages

Mid June June 10th

Banner 9 Overviews & Demos

June 20th & 28th June 28th

Banner 9 Production Environments Open to All Banner Student Users

  Banner 9 Admin Page Adoption for All Banner Student Users Now thru Early Fall  

Banner 8 Forms Retirement

October 31st  

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