PCBE G85 & G89

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  • Paul College G85 Room Photo
  • Paul College G85 Room Photo
  • Paul College G85 Room Photo
  • Paul College G85 Room Photo
  • Paul College G85 Room Photo
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  • Paul College Kitchen G89

Room G85 is under the control of the University Registrar's Office. To request reservation of this classroom, follow the orange link below:

Click here for Reservation Request Form


This room is equipped with an AV system capable of presenting from a laptop, portable device, or installed media equipment.


View our Paul College AV and Classroom training documents with these links:

Paul College Classroom AV Introduction


Paul College SuperTec Classroom Training


Zoom & Lecture Capture Camera/Mic Connection Guide


To project from your device:


  • Make sure your device is powered on and awake.
  • Connect your device using the supplied HDMI cable.
  • If your device requires a display adapter, connect adapter to cable first, then connect adapter to your device.
  • If necessary, select your desired source connection on the AV Touch Panel.
Connections Available:


To project wirelessly from your device:


  • Make sure your device is powered on, awake and connected to UNH WIFI.
  • Follow the training guides available on the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base at the link below

*Please note not all features are available on all devices

AirMedia® Icon


AirMedia Guides and Software Downloads


Using iClicker classroom response system?


Use the installed Mac or Windows (PC) instructor computers in this room to connect to the installed iClicker base. Log into the computer and launch the iClicker software to begin. There is no instructor laptop iClicker connection capability at this time.

Launch iClicker software. If necessary, input base station frequency "B D" inside iClicker Course Settings.

For more iClicker information, view Knowledgebase Articles by clicking here

To request iClicker training please fill out UNH Documentation & Training request Form HERE


This classroom has a wireless microphone system:

Click here for microphone usage information


For general laptop tips and troubleshooting steps:

Click here to view our Laptop Troubleshooting Knowledge Base Article


Need assistance or want to schedule a one-on-one AV training session?

Call the AV Services Hotline at Ext. 2467 (603-862-2467) at any time.

Room Specifications

G85: Hospitality Lecture Hall - Tiered Seating
G89: Hospitality Kitchen & Prep Lab

Capacity: 80

Active Learning Classroom Type

Equipment List

AirMedia Wireless Presentation
HDMI Connection
iClicker Supported
Installed Mac Computer
Installed Windows Computer
Document Camera
Instructor Facing Camera
Audience Facing Camera
Podium Microphone
Handheld Microphone(s)
Lavalier Microphone(s)
Ceiling Mounted Microphones
Podium Tablet Monitor
Sound System
Touch Panel Control System
Video Conference Camera
Video/Data Projector
Wall Mounted Flat Panel Monitor
Zoom/Lecture Capture