AV Equipment & Prices

Equipment is subject to availability, so please make your requests in advance.

Equipment is free of charge to all UNH Registered courses, including equipment in conjunction with a course requirement (for example a presentation or assignment). 

Prices listed below are for Special Events Services (non-UNH Registered Course events)

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Equipment Description Daily Rate

Video Display and Playback Devices:

DVD/VCR Combination Unit DVD/VCR Combination Unit $22.18
Document Camera For magnification of text, pictures, and 3D objects through a monitor or LCD projector $70.82

Audio Recording and Playback Devices:

Wireless Mic & Powered Speaker Portable speaker with paired wireless microphone. Lavalier (clip-on) or handheld microphone types available. Includes 3.5mm (headphone) input, allowing for device playback through speaker. Consultation required before rental. $50.91


Video/Data Projector Projection of computer or video signals $131.84


Tripod Screen 72" Front Projection Screen - Portable $8.43

Technology Enhanced Classroom Rental:

Installed Equipment - LaRC Room

(LaRC - Laptop Ready Classroom - Contains HDMI and VGA Connections, Projector, Sound System)


Installed Equipment - TEC Room

(TEC - Technology Enhanced Classroom - Contains HDMI and VGA Connections, Projector, Sound System, Blu-Ray/DVD Player)

Installed Equipment - Super TEC Room (Super TEC - Contains podium with installed Mac & Windows Computers, Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Microphone, Document Camera, HDMI & VGA Connections, Projector, Sound system) $282.84

Event Services - Audio/Video/Lighting:

Special Event Equipment Please visit this form (https://tdforms.unh.edu/avservices/) to request special event quotes.   

Hands-On (Computer-Per-Seat) Classrooms / Distance Learning Capable:

Room Rental - Non-Reg Hourly Room Rental for non-registered courses $92.91/Hour
Room Rental - Non-Reg Daily Room Rental for non-registered courses $462.42/Day

Daily Rate Equipment Prices as of July 1, 2017


Payment Options:
  • CASH - Exact change if possible
  • CHECK - Made out to "University of New Hampshire"
  • P.O. - University Purchase Order

No credit cards accepted