AT Projects 2020

Execute on Digital Strategy Initatives to Move to the New Drupal 8 Architecture

  • Promote myUNH for internal users and redesign with a focus on prospective students
  • Complete Drupal 8 theme, installation profile, documentation, migration timeline and strategy

Web Information Architecture and Improve the Web User Experience

  • Implement changes from MadPow including UNH menu across all sites 
  • Continuous improvement of Degree/Program pages
  • Launch new and improved Admissions site for 9/4
  • Implementation of BrightEdge (SEO)
  • Consolidate sites

Microcredentials (Badges)

Participate in formation of badge governance and pilot of badges in UNH professional development context as a member of the Microcredentials/Digital Badges working group. Contribute as required to support successful development of UNH offerings in this space.

Paul College Technology Replacement

Complete implementation and rollout of the re-designed Paul College audiovisual technology in classrooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces. AV will project-manage, design, purchase, install, train, document; ACS will design and provide computers and software ; IDD will train on AL etc. 

AI Exploration for Providing Knowledge Acquisition Support for Students

Explore the feasibility of AI and/or chatbots to assist with UNH Online and UNH AT / KB website visitors assistance. Work with key stakeholders, conduct listening tour, determine efficacy for technical support. Research current technology landscape, develop requirements, and research and evaluate vendors.  Complete assessment by May of 2020.

Inclusive Teaching

Revise Inclusive Teaching course to include UNH-specific components and feedback from stakeholders.  Conduct outreach to campus community.

Develop and Implement myWildcat Success Strategy

Develop position and strategy on how to best leverage myWildcat Success to support student success. This will include developing best practices, roadmap for current and future feature utilization, and strategy to promote adoption by faculty. Deliver recommendations to Senior Vice Provost by September 30. Execute on the approved strategy. Metrics to measure success will be developed upon approval of recommendations.

Explore and Raise Awareness of the Potential of Adaptive Learning to Support Student Success

In partnership with CEITL, develop workshop event exploring the fundamentals of adaptive learning introduced by OLI director, Norman Bier.  Workshops would highlight background on adaptive learning, tools, and current UNH examples to introduce campus leaders and faculty to its components.  The research would also involve exploration of leading adaptive learning platforms, tools and pedagogical differences.  Create outreach strategy and identify pilot faculty.

Active Learning

Upgrade identified classrooms to be Active Learning-ready. Classrooms will be identified through work with the Classroom Maintenance Committee and the college associate deans. Objectives include providing environments that research shows improve student test scores and student retention. Successful completion of this goal will also provide relief from overscheduled TEAL rooms. Project team will conduct outreach to faculty who are using upgraded rooms and encourage use of active learning techniques and engage CEITL to conduct assessment of learning impact in upgraded classrooms.

Learning Analytics

Develop process for identifying, storing, analyzing and reporting data from Canvas LMS data. Design and deploy dashboard to report on a single pilot test question in order to model the process. Based on available data sources, develop 3-5 research questions with faculty, academic advisors, and ASAC+ input that relate to student success.

Fundamentals of Gateway Course Instruction

Design and develop an online self-paced Fundamentals of Gateway Course Instruction course based on current research and best practices. Development of this course has the potential to positively impact one of the factors that is a barrier to student success. Partner with UNH Provost, senior vice provost, associate deans, department chairs, faculty and CEITL to identify and support faculty who teach gateway courses. Support growth of gateway faculty learning community.

LinkedUp Mobile App

Develop and deploy a mobile application that allows all first-year students to search and find students with similar interests, connect to those students through a face to face interaction, network with those connections and their shared friends and/or organizations, and coordinate or plan activities. Success will be measured by use of the application and feedback from students in November 2019 and April 2020.

Mangement of AT Computers

Develop and implement a procedure for central management of all UNH-owned computing devices used by Academic Technology.  This will include the ability to centrally report on device status for operating system and other key security updates.  Next steps would be to move to central control and deployment of OS updates, key applications, and configurations.

Academic Technolology Service Redesign

Over the past two years, AT has been called upon to take on support of additional applications and services, for example, Blue Explorance, myElements, and myWildcat Success. In addition, UNH has made student success, academic excellence, and financial strength its focus. These factors are increasing the workload of many AT staff and warranted the review of multiple AT areas. We will use the framework of the EDUCAUSE Instructional Technology Support Model, to continue to review AT services and organizational structure and, if appropriate, design/update the AT service model. Examine how AT instructional technology support services should be delivered relative to broader higher education trends and UNH initiatives. Identify and makes changes to how services are delivered and how AT is organized as appropriate.

Improve Student User Experience

Identify barriers that prospective and current students encounter in transacting business with UNH. For example, Admitted Student Survey results showed that prospective students find it difficult to accept their offer of admission. This barrier engendered some of the highest number of written comments. Focusing on student success and the student user experience, we will engage students, key administrative and academic stakeholders, and the broader IT community to identify barriers, prioritize developing solutions with the highest impact on student success, and develop requirements for the 3 highest priority items.

Develop a Baseline Assessment of the Quality of UNH Online Programs

Using the Online Learning Consortium Quality Scorecard Self-Study, develop a baseline assessment of the quality of current online program offerings at UNH. Based on results, develop a comprehensive report to include opportunities for leveraging results and potential areas for improvement to further the strategic and operational mission of online learning at UNH.