Lecture Capture Service Transition

Overview of the Lecture Capture Transition

Academic Technology provides support and tools for "lecture capture".  That's a broad term that includes both recording what happens in a traditional classroom setting and preparing lecture, presentation, or demonstration content for students to view outside of a normal classroom setting.

During the Spring and Summer of 2018, UNH transitioned our lecture capture services from Tegrity to tools available from Kaltura.  This transition includes several components:

  • Communication to faculty and other stakeholders about what is happening, when it is happening, and what actions are needed

  • Migration of all existing recordings that have been made in Tegrity to Kaltura's hosting enviornment

  • Training on the use of Kaltura's lecture capture tools and back end environments for managing recordings

  • Training on the best practices for integrating lecture capture and other content from Kaltura's tools into a course in the myCourses LMS

  • Information and training on the automated captioning and closed caption management features that come along with the Kaltura hosting services

This website will be a place where all of the important dates, news updates, documentation, and other important information about this transition will be housed or organized to provide one point of reference for anything about this project.



 All of the recorded lectures in Tegrity will be migrated to the Kaltura hosting environment. This migration was completed on May 29.

Any content created in Tegrity after May 20 will not be migrated.

Our contract with Tegrity ended on August 30. No one should be using Tegrity recordings and longer.

Nothing, we took care of all of that for you. All Tegrity recordings are now accessible in the Kaltura tools, BUT you do need to update any links to Tegrity that might existing in your course materials in myCourses.

 The Parker Media Lab in Dimond 237 is a perfect place to bring all of your rich media questions. With convenient, extended hours the PML is staffed and ready for you to walk in and work at one of the provided media editing stations, or your own laptop. 

Yes! Here is a knowledgebase article explaining everything you need to know about the UNH Media Space website https://www.unh.edu/it/kb/article/kaltura-mediaspace-overview.html

In the Fall 2017 semester, Academic Technology completed a review of the “lecture capture” service.  This review included several components:

  • Surveying of existing lecture capture users to gain insight into the ways in whic the service was used
  • Reviewing software tools that were already available from vendors UNH was working with for media-related solutions: Tegrity, Kaltura, and Zoom
  • Technical and cost analysis
  • Presentation to faculty for their input
  • Final review and approval by the ASAC+ governing body

The results of the review were presented to the governing body for Academic Technology, the ASAC+ group, on December 7.  ASAC+ granted approval to Academic Technology’s recommendation to transition from Tegrity to Kaltura’s lecture capture products, starting with the Summer 2018 courses.

As Academic Technology staff tested the migration of recorded lectures from Tegrity, we discovered that the “Edit Recording” feature in Tegrity did not actually edit video files.  Instead, it:

  • Set various start and stop points for playback of the video.
  • The actual, stored video recording contained the original length and content.

If we were to import these video recordings into Kaltura, the files would not contain your edits

We then investigated how Tegrity stored its playback information for these edits. We also investigated how many video recordings had edits and determined that about 15% of the recordings had some edits.

A solution

To resolve this issue, we developed an automated process that applies the playback start/stop points to the video recordings.  This process will create a new, edited video file that will be migrated to Kaltura.  We believe that this process will produce the desired results in most cases. However, as with any automated process, we expect some errors will result.

For all edited video files, we will migrate both the original, unedited file stored in Tegrity and the new edited file we create. This assures that nothing will be lost in the migration process. Review your recordings in Kaltura to decide if the edited files are correct.  If you find the edits are not acceptable, you can use Kaltura's tools to re-cut the recordings as needed..

Academic Technology staff will be available to assist with reviewing your files, offering advice on what steps to take, and providing assistance with any files that need to be edited with Kaltura. Please come to one of our drop in sessions for support or call the IT Service Desk (603-862-4242) to put in a request.


Kaltura Capture, the new streamlined personal capture tool has been released. Kaltura CaptureSpace will be discontinued June 1st. For more information on Kaltura Capture, please see Kaltura Capture: Getting Started

Training Dates

Training Sessions

Kaltura Capture - Focused on the personal lecture capture tool, Capture, along with details about the transition and using media content in your course. Dates are ongoing throughout the fall.

Kaltura Classroom - If you need an orientation on how to use Kaltura Classroom on the Windows computers in the SuperTEC classrooms, please call AV Services at 862-2467 to schedule a time.

More Information

If you have questions, please contact us.