In 2018, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) completed a corporate restructuring that involved making its higher education commission (CIHE) a separate entity. CIHE now operates as the New England Commission of Higher Education, Inc. (NECHE), and NECHE is now the federally recognized regional accreditor for the six New England states.  To see our current NECHE accreditation status, go here:


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As of November 21, 2014:

The Commission on Higher Education (CIHE) of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) granted continuing regional accreditation to the University of New Hampshire.  Following are salient excerpts and a summary of findings from the letter of approval.

The Commission voted:

that the University of New Hampshire be continued in accreditation;

that inclusion of the University of New Hampshire School of Law  within the institution's accreditation be confirmed;

that inclusion of the dual undergraduate degree program in business administration with Hanyang University of Ansan, Korea, within the institution's accreditation be confirmed;

that the University submit an interim (fifth-year) report for consideration in Fall, 2018;

that the next comprehensive evaluation be scheduled for Fall, 2023.

(Copied from letter addressed by the Commission to President Huddleston, received January 20, 2015)

Further, the Commission commended UNH for “its comprehensive and informative self-study documenting the institution’s evolution over the past decade into a major research university, while at the same time preserving and strengthening its core as a student-centered institution.”  Commendations also include faculty mentoring of student research; prudent financial management; continuing investment in facilities and infrastructure; new online programs; study of the role of UNHM; the process for integrating the law school; the esprit de corps among all UNH constituents, including the Board of Trustees; and the ability to carry out our mission to provide access to educational opportunity on our “three distinct campuses.”

The Commission also noted support for our efforts to:  implement a comprehensive approach to assessing student learning and using the results for improvement; update the strategic plan and develop metrics to measure success in achieving its goals; achieve an appropriate balance of centralization and decentralization to assure effective governance; and continue attention to increasing diversity of the undergraduate class while improving rates of graduation for students of color.

These observations by the Commission in its letter granting continuing regional accreditation mirror UNH’s view of its accomplishments and aspirations captured in the self-study and reiterated by the visiting review team in spring, 2014.  The self-study will be posted in March.