2018 NEASC/CIHE Interim Report

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2013 - 2015 NEASC Accreditation Update

The Self Study

Institutional Characteristics Form
CIHE Actions: Items of Special Attention, or Concerns
Preface: Introduction and Institutional Overview
    Standard One: Mission and Purposes
    Standard Two: Planning and Evaluation
    Standard Three: Organization and Governance
    Standard Four: The Academic Program
    Standard Five: Faculty
    Standard Six: Students
    Standard Seven: Library and Other Information Services
    Standard Eight: Physical and Technological Resources
    Standard Nine: Financial Resources
    Standard Ten: Public Disclosure
    Standard Eleven: Institutional Integrity
University Projections

1993 NEASC Self Study

1998 Interim NEASC Report

2003 NEASC Self Study

2008 Interim NEASC Report