Update for Spring 2022

There are 3 areas we are focused on this spring.

1. Academic Assessment Plans for each degree program.

We have made excellent strides in getting all degree programs to have assessment plans to formalize actively reflecting on their curriculum (using data).  We are working to support programs still needing plans, so that by September we can say that all programs have assessment plans. 

In December 2022, all programs need to have collected data and will need to be prepared to explain what evidence is used in program self-study, to determine how well the program is delivering its academic intentions (e.g., information on student learning outcomes).  This will include describing any changes made as a result of the self-study.

Here is a checklist for programs to review the quality of an assessment plan.
For resources on program assessment, go here: Assessment SharePoint Site

2. Syllabi Collection and Review. 

We are collecting and reviewing syllabi to ensure UNH courses meet the expectations of (1) federal guidelines; (2) regional standards by our accreditor; and (3) student rights, rules, and responsibilities. Share your syllabi by emailing them to Jen Lehmann.

3. Preparing for writing the self-study.

The time has come to begin our 10-year self-study for NECHE accreditation due June 2023 and site visit in fall 2023.  The content of the self-study explores and highlights how we meet each of the NECHE standards and our plans for continuous improvement. For the self-study, we have created a committee of diverse members from across the university to focus on different aspects of the self-study.  Each sub-committee has 2 co-chairs: 1 faculty member and 1 administrator.

Please see the timeline for collecting and distilling data, information and feedback.

In 2018, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) completed a corporate restructuring that involved making its higher education commission (CIHE) a separate entity. CIHE now operates as the New England Commission of Higher Education, Inc. (NECHE), and NECHE is now the federally recognized regional accreditor for the six New England states.

See our current NECHE accreditation status

2018 NECHE/CIHE Interim Report

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