About IR&A

As part of the USNH Center for DATA, the office of Institutional Research & Assessment (IR&A) plays a critical role in facilitating decision-making at all levels of the University by collecting and analyzing data and conducting research related to enrollment management, marketing analysis, strategic planning, resource allocation, and program review/accreditation in support of the University’s mission and strategic goals; advocating for accurate, reliable, and consistent data management and usage across all three campuses of the University; and fulfilling institutional internal and external reporting requirements.  Some examples of what we do:

  • Analyze, interpret, and disseminate data and research findings related to the university’s enrollment and academic areas.

  • Report institutional data to federal agencies, accrediting bodies, professional organizations, higher education research entities, college guidebook and ranking organizations, and the University System of New Hampshire.

  • Produce strategic reports for university leadership analyzing the performance of UNH and its peers on key measures of institutional effectiveness.

  • Expand UNH’s capacity for data self-service by providing data tools such as dashboards and reports that enable the university community to more quickly and easily access needed information.

  • Coordinate surveys of students and recent alumni to provide insight about the UNH student experience and outcomes after graduation.

  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders across campus to identify and share data assets that can inform and enhance efforts to improve student success.

Together, IR&A and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) comprise UNH's Center for DATA.   The Center for DATA resides under Information Technology and serves campus-wide data, analytic, and reporting needs.

IR&A Staff

Anne Shattuck, Ph.D.
Sr. Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
(603) 862-2415
Kristine Bundschuh, Ph.D.
Sr. Institutional Research Analyst
(603) 862-0689

Francesca Gilkey, M.A.
Business Intelligence Analyst

Jennifer Lehmann, M.A.
Assessment and Accreditation Specialist
(603) 862-0546
Lauren Lynch, M.A.
Sr. Institutional Research Analyst
(603) 862-2067
Institutional Research Assistant