Jolie B. Wormwood

Jolie B. Wormwood, assistant professor in the psychology department at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), mentored Ciara and Grace during their research process. Dr. Wormwood has worked at UNH since the fall of 2018 and conducts research related to how affect and emotion guide social perception and decision making, with a particular focus on experience and behavior in stressful or threatening contexts. Ciara and Grace had both been working as undergraduate research assistants in her lab, the Affect and Social Psychophysiology (ASP) Lab, for a few years and approached her about applying for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) award to pursue research on the impacts of social media on affect and well-being. This was Dr. Wormwood’s first time mentoring a SURF project and, subsequently, Inquiry authors; she says it was fun to work with Ciara and Grace to see their research ideas come to fruition. They hope to submit a manuscript on their findings to a peer-reviewed journal later this year. Dr. Wormwood is thankful for the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research and Mr. Dana Hamel for making research opportunities like this available to undergraduate students at UNH.