Leah Williams

Leah Williams is a lecturer specializing in composition and creative nonfiction in the English department at the University of New Hampshire. She has taught at UNH since 2005. Williams was approached by Hannah to work with her on a Research Experience and Apprenticeship (REAP) project and together they settled on blogging as a way to help further develop Hannah’s writing skills, while also jumpstarting her career as a creative nonfiction writer. Williams states, “What was particularly rewarding to witness was Hannah’s increased confidence about her writing and knowledge about what she needed to do to succeed as a professional writer.” Williams previously mentored an Undergraduate Research Award (URA) recipient, who also wrote about a journey she took over the summer. Being a mentor this year helped Williams experience the blogging process through Hannah, which will be invaluable as Williams plans to embark on some personal blogging of her own. “I love when I learn from my students,” she enthuses. Williams believes that it is helpful for young creative nonfiction writers to get published early on and is pleased that Inquiry gives students this opportunity.