Jesse Stabile Morrell

Jesse Stabile Morrell is a principal lecturer for the nutrition program in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems at the University of New Hampshire, where she has taught since 2001. Specializing in human nutrition and nutrition education, Dr. Morrell has been part of the USDA-funded multistate collaborative Healthy Campus Research Consortium since 2009, when she first became involved as a Ph.D. student. The consortium aims to “support campuses and other communities in creating environments and opportunities that embrace young adults’ unique barriers to a healthy lifestyle, promote healthier weights, and reduce health disparities among vulnerable members.” It was for this reason that she became involved with Sarah Waleryszak’s  project on food insecurity, which, she notes, is a fundamental concern for all communities. Dr. Morrell was extremely satisfied with the independence that Sarah showed during her research. She believes that Inquiry provides a valuable opportunity for students to think critically about communicating their scientific research to the public. “As our society grapples with misinformation/disinformation, scientists in all fields need to improve their communication skills if we hope to have a positive impact,” Dr. Morrell says.