Jeannie Sowers

Dr. Jeannie Sowers is an associate professor and the MA program director in the Department of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Sowers has worked at UNH for since 2006, specializing in Middle East and comparative environmental politics. Dr. Sowers has mentored several students conducting field research in the Middle East through the IROP program. Her previous mentees include Trevor Mauck, Chelsea Moyer, and Hannah Lawrence, who conducted research in Morroco and Egypt. She has also mentored several students through theses, INCO courses, and independent studies. Dr. Sowers was an ideal match for Austin's interest in Middle East microfinance, and she sponsored his IROP grant. Dr. Sowers enjoys learning from students as they encounter new ideas and experiences while abroad. She enthusiastically supports student research writing. She, like Austin, was quite surprised when his research was interrupted by an unforeseen military coup, which made his research more challenging than most, as he had to start over in Jordan. Dr. Sowers recognizes the importance of writing for Inquiry for students, noting that, "In political science, you need to be able to make complex political issues accessible for a wider audience.  Learning to present your research across disciplines and in multiple venues is an even more important skill with the spread of the internet and social media as important means of communication."

Dr. Sowers also mentored Inquiry author Trevor Mauck (2008).