Anne Schmidt-Küntzel

When Dr. Conroy approached the Cheetah Conservation Center about a student researcher joining them for the summer of 2014, Dr. Anne Schmidt-Küntzel responded. She is the Assistant Director for Animal Health and Research at the Center, which is located in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. Prior to Alicia’s arrival, Dr. Schmidt-Küntzel designed her project and helped with her IROP proposal, then guided her in the laboratory work and verified her results. This was not a new role for Dr. Schmidt-Küntzel, as undergraduate and graduate students come regularly to the CCF. Dr. Laurie Marker founded the Cheetah Conservation Fund twenty-five years ago and is its executive director. Dr. Marker is very passionate about conservation and knows that research is needed to make the right conservation decisions. As co-advisor on Alicia’s project, Dr. Marker welcomed her into the CCF and its research work.