James M. Ryan

James M. Ryan is a professor in the physics department at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). He began working as a research scientist at UNH in 1978 and became a faculty member in 1986. High energy astrophysics and solar physics are his primary research areas. Dr. Ryan aided Emma in her attainment of a fellowship through the International Research Opportunities Program in the summer of 2018. Emma went to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, which, at the time, was directed by one of Dr. Ryan’s first graduate students. “The most interesting part of the experience was having my student work in a professional facility directed by one of my former students,” said Dr. Ryan. Cosmology and dark matter are not Dr. Ryan’s main areas of research, but he has enjoyed getting more involved in this area while mentoring Emma, especially since her return to the United States. Dr. Ryan believes that learning to write for Inquiry’s broader audience is useful for students in his discipline. To him, communication is an essential skill in any area of research or academic study.