Rebecca Rowe

Rebecca Rowe is an associate professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at UNH. She specializes in landscape and community ecology of vertebrates. Dr. Rowe began working at the university in 2011. She was invited to join Maeve’s project as a co-mentor with Jennifer Purrenhage due to her experience conducting connectivity analyses. “Maeve proved to be an excellent team partner,” she says, “and did a spectacular job of navigating the unexpected challenges which are bound to surface during independent research.” Dr. Rowe finds it rewarding to work with a student as they go through the research process. In 2019 Dr. Rowe mentored two undergraduate researchers who were also Inquiry authors: Corina Danielson and Samm Azen. She finds that learning how to communicate science is a critical way to engage the public in supporting science and sustainable solutions.