Rebecca Rowe

Rebecca Rowe is an associate professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The research in her lab focuses on the population and community dynamics of small mammals across space and over time. The lab is interested in how small mammals influence forest composition and structure through the consumption and dispersal of seeds and fungi. Corina was interested in learning more about these small forest mammals and their behaviors. Sparked by her interest, Dr. Rowe and her graduate students worked with Corina to develop the seed tray experiment—the first of this kind for Dr. Rowe’s lab—to gather direct evidence of seed preferences of small mammals in the established research site in the Bartlett Experimental Forest. Dr. Rowe noted, “It was rewarding to see everyone work together to troubleshoot different design options. Corina was instrumental in the design and construction of the trays, and it was great to see her take such ownership of the project from the beginning.” Dr. Rowe has mentored undergraduate researchers before; this is the first time their work has been published in Inquiry.