Rebecca Rowe

Rebecca Rowe, an associate professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), specializes in researching the population and community dynamics of small mammals across space and over time. Samm began working in Dr. Rowe’s lab after taking a class on conservation biology. Through this work, he became fascinated with the role of small mammals in forest ecosystems. Dr. Rowe says she was thrilled that Samm, an outdoor education major, decided to conduct scientific research in the field, with the goal of sharing what he learned through an educational outreach program. She hopes more students will connect the two fields of outdoor education and ecology, as Samm did. She witnessed his growth in understanding scientific research at the same time as he helped his research partner, Ph.D. student Ryan Stephens, learn about community education. Dr. Rowe went with her son to Samm and Ryan’s outreach program, and she commends them for their ability to engage the attendees with lively games and discussions while also communicating their science to a general audience.