Timothy J. Quinn

Timothy J. Quinn is an associate professor in the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Department of Kinesiology. He began working at UNH in 1989 and specializes in researching cardiovascular physiology in addition to teaching a variety of kinesiology courses. He mentored Erik through research that first arose from a blood flow experiment in one of Dr. Quinn’s classes, in which they were able to show how sluggish blood flow became after the ingestion of a fast-food hamburger. Of mentoring, Dr. Quinn said, “It is always a joy to see a student learn new things in the laboratory that just cannot be taught in a classroom to a large group of students.” He enjoyed watching Erik develop the applanation tonometry measurement technique used in his study and was impressed with the time and effort Erik was willing to put in to truly master the technique. Dr. Quinn believes that there are many more avenues to research related to changes that occur in the body after fast-food meals. He has mentored many undergraduate researchers in the past; perhaps some of his future mentees will continue to address some of the important questions related to the effects of fast food on the cardiovascular system.