Timothy Quinn

Dr. Timothy Quinn, an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire, has been teaching at UNH for twenty-four years. He said he likes to think that he specializes in “both teaching and research, [but] my favorite teaching specialization is electrocardiography and my broad area of research is cardiovascular function.”  As a runner himself, he has always been interested in how to make runners run faster and was intrigued by the rise of the barefoot running community in the past few years. Dr. Quinn enjoys mentoring undergraduate students and said, “For me the most satisfactory thing  in the entire research process with undergraduate students is to see the ‘light go on’ in  students’ eyes!  They see something they have been taught in the classroom come to life for them in the laboratory, and they begin to see the application behind the research process.” Students should learn to write for a broad audience like Inquiry’s, Dr. Quinn feels, “because research is not just for the scientific community but for the public.”