Jennifer Purrenhage

Jennifer Purrenhage is a senior lecturer and program coordinator of wildlife and conservation biology in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. She began working at UNH in 2009 as a postdoctoral research associate and joined the faculty in 2013. She specializes in wildlife ecology with a teaching focus on wildlife field methods, conservation biology, and communicating science. Her research focus is on amphibian and reptile conservation. Dr. Purrenhage has previously mentored several undergraduate researchers including Ben Phillips, who is now a graduate student working on turtle research with Drs. Purrenhage and Rowe. Maeve Kelley, her mentee for this turtle study, is the first Inquiry author Dr. Purrenhage has mentored. She is delighted to have been part of this project with Maeve, her co-mentor, Dr. Rebecca Rowe, the other members of the turtle research team, and the turtles. Despite some setbacks and limitations of the pandemic, Dr. Purrenhage said that the time everyone spent together was worth it. She feels that writing for Inquiry’s broader audience is an essential stepping stone to help people in her field become better communicators with non-scientists as well as with each other.