Rose Pruiksma

Rose Pruiksma has been a lecturer in music history at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) since 2010. She teaches classes on music history, music in world cultures, film music, music and social change, and a general introduction to music. Her research has centered on music, dance, and identity in seventeenth-century court ballet and opera. Kylie's engagement in the sophomore music history course sequence, specifically with the historical details and the broader cultural contexts in which composers worked, made Dr. Pruiksma especially supportive of Kylie's idea for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) in 2020. Dr. Pruiksma felt that Kylie's interest in European composers' experiences as World War II refugees in the United States was especially relevant "in light of our current time, in the midst of another worldwide refugee crisis, anti-immigrant sentiment, and musicians on the move." Dr. Pruiksma says that it was a pleasure to mentor Kylie, and to see her go from her original idea to digging more deeply into each composer's circumstances, compositions, and compositional practices, and how those changed, or not, in response to their new contexts. She explains, "Kylie was also able to frame this work in light of current events, and to think about how study of the past might inform us right now simply confirmed for me the value of her research."