Rose Pruiksma

Rose Pruiksma is a lecturer in music history at the University of New Hampshire, where she has been teaching since 2010. She focuses primarily on music history courses and music in world cultures, as well as film music and general introduction to music. Her research has centered on music, dance, and identity in seventeenth-century court ballet and opera. After seeing Annelise’s high-quality work on a project about Quebecois music, Dr. Pruiksma encouraged her to pursue a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). She enthusiastically supported Annelise’s research idea, specifically valuing how it would expose students to post-tonal modes of musicking and to the work of a female composer at a time when female composers are still largely underrepresented in the classical music world. Both Dr. Pruiksma and Annelise learned a lot during the research process, and Dr. Pruiksma especially enjoyed serving as a sounding board and mentor for Annelise’s ideas. She proudly views Annelise’s research as a step toward breaking the barriers for young women who wish to pursue a composition career.