Stephen Pimpare

Stephen Pimpare is senior lecturer in politics and society at University of New Hampshire at Manchester. He specializes in American politics and public policy, specifically on the history of poverty and homelessness in the United States. He has known Ryan through a number of courses, including a research methods course that involved related research. His support of Ryan’s work followed that of retired Professor John Cerullo, who also assisted Ryan. Dr. Pimpare says that one of the joys of working with Ryan was hearing his excitement about the information available through the University of New Hampshire Archives, where Ryan found many useful primary resources concerning Senator Norris Cotton. Ryan is the first Inquiry author that Dr. Pimpare has mentored. Regarding the value of writing for Inquiry, Dr. Pimpare notes that it is “urgent that we all be able to communicate our knowledge to others; engaged citizenship can’t be real without useful knowledge, and we and our students can help produce and disseminate that knowledge.”