Svetlana Peshkova

Svetlana Peshkova has been at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) since 2009. She is an associate professor of anthropology who teaches ethnography, gender, Islam, feminism, and decolonialism. The courses she offers include Peoples and Cultures of MENA, Anthropology of Islam, Indigenous New England, and Ethnographic Methods. Dr. Peshkova’s main research area is the former-Soviet Central Asia, which made her involvement with Darby’s project a perfect match. Having mentored several undergraduate and graduate researchers at and outside UNH, Dr. Peshkova was well prepared for the process. One of the most difficult parts of the project, she said, was managing long-distance supervision of Darby’s project in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Nonetheless, she helped Darby conduct effective research, which supported their shared hypothesis about the importance of images in articulating gender roles in any society by informing and reflecting relationships among individuals. According to Dr. Peshkova, Darby’s research exemplified the relative importance of images in regard to the local gender dynamics in Almaty, Kazakhstan.