Andrew Ogden

Andrew Ogden has taught at the University of New Hampshire for five years and currently is a lecturer in sustainable agriculture and food systems in the Department of Biological Sciences. Lizzie is the third student he has mentored for research in Costa Rica through Hamel Center research grants, but she is his first mentee to write for Inquiry. Ogden has a strong connection to Costa Rica. He has owned and operated an educational center and farm there since 2002; he teaches an agriculture and development J-term course based entirely in Costa Rica; and he has a strong network of horticulture colleagues in the country. Like Lizzie’s foreign mentor, Dr. Walter Barrantes, his research focuses on breeding and physiology of cucurbit crops. Ogden says that through Lizzie’s research, which she “embraced…from start to finish,” he gained a much better understanding of the types of squash found in Costa Rica. Ogden is working on his PhD under the directions of Dr. Brent Loy. He encourages any student interested in studying in Costa Rica to contact him at UNH.