Jesse Stabile Morrell

Dr. Jesse Stabile Morrell is a lecturer in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences at the University of New Hampshire. She has been on the faculty since 2001 and on the Durham campus since 1995, when she arrived as a first-year student. Dr. Morrell leads the College Health and Nutrition Assessment Survey (CHANAS), which, she said, “integrates undergraduate and graduate training and inquiry into multiple components and offers a wonderful venue to support independent research projects.”  A favorite part of her job at UNH is mentoring undergraduates, and she was “thrilled to watch Leah present her project at the international conference in Boston . . . and confidently engage attendees and answer questions about her project.”  Dr. Morrell encouraged Leah to write for Inquiry because she feels that “nutritionists and dietitians are always challenged to communicate current scientific information in a manner that is approachable and compelling for their patients and the general public.”