Nicholas Mian

Nicholas Mian, assistant professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester since 2015, specializes in clinical psychology and anxiety disorders in young children. Jasmine’s research focus on emotional and personal intelligence and the likelihood of lying was outside of Dr. Mian’s specific expertise in child anxiety, but he felt confident in her ability to take the lead. As a mentor, Dr. Mian emphasizes the importance of study design and statistical analysis, and he notes, “It was very exciting to see Jasmine gradually develop her research questions and then collaborate on the study design to help answer them.” Through this mentorship, Dr. Mian learned a lot about the constructs of lying and about various intelligences, as well as how to encourage students to follow their interests. Jasmine is one of Dr. Mian’s first two mentees to publish in Inquiry—both in the 2019 issue.