Nicholas Mian

Nicholas Mian, assistant professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester since 2015, specializes in clinical psychology and anxiety disorders in young children. Previously a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) at Boston University, Dr. Mian developed the grant proposal related to the pediatric anxiety training project along with the director of the Child Program at CARD, Donna Pincus, and pediatric faculty in Boston-area hospitals. Dr. Mian said that being filmed for some of the training videos was a bit anxiety provoking, but the applicable nature of this project and the overwhelmingly positive response to it, as well as acquisition of new knowledge about video production, study design, and survey development, made it very rewarding. Claudia’s passion for medicine was a nice complement to the study’s focus, and her work provided her with valuable skills for her future career. Dr. Mian has had exposure to undergraduate research mentorship in the past, but this is his first experience working with an Inquiry author. As a mentor, he emphasizes the importance of study design and statistical analysis, as well as learning to write accurately and concisely for a broad audience, such as the audience of Inquiry.