Anne Lightbody

Anne Lightbody is an associate professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), where she has worked since 2010. Dr. Lightbody specializes in surface-water hydrology and has mentored many undergraduate researchers in the field, including Inquiry 2019 author Hannah Miller. She explains that her work mentoring Daniel in 2020 for his Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship grew out of a collaboration with colleagues across New England using high-resolution topography data to understand river networks in ways that were impossible just a decade ago. Dr. Lightbody praises UNH undergraduate researchers like Daniel as being, “curious, competent, and enthusiastic, and it is an absolute pleasure to get to work with them.” The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 made for some novel moments in the mentor/mentee relationship, such as conducting a pandemic-protocol-compliant computer handoff to Daniel at an empty parking area in A-lot, complete with disinfectant, sterile gloves, and face masks. “Subsequent meetings on Zoom seemed cozy by comparison,” says Dr. Lightbody. She is pleased with the results of Daniel’s research, including the skills he has practiced by writing his article for Inquiry: “It is important to be able to explain the purpose, motivation, and findings of your work for the general public, who often fund and hopefully benefit from the hard work of scientists.”