Eleanor Harrison-Buck

Eleanor Harrison-Buck is an associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire, where she has been teaching since 2008. She is an archaeologist who specializes in ancient Maya culture and teaches courses on world archaeology, ancient Mesoamerica, and ancient religion and social identity. She also teaches a new course on public archaeology, which she described as “making what we do relevant to the general public—beyond movies like Indiana Jones.” Dr. Harrison-Buck directs the Belize River East Archaeology project, the site of the field school that Rebecca attended and describes in her Inquiry article. At UNH, Dr. Harrison-Buck has worked for several years with Dr. Julie Bryce, professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, looking at ceramic sourcing using neodymium. Both thought Rebecca, with her double major in anthropology and Earth sciences, would be a perfect fit for further developing this project and conducting research through a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Dr. Harrison-Buck notes that she enjoys mentoring promising students, like Rebecca, and showing them the power of interdisciplinary research and the importance of collaboration.