Eliga Gould

Professor Eliga Gould, chair of the University of New Hampshire’s Department of History, specializes in the American Revolution and has written extensively on the cultural ties between Britain and its American colonies. In a class on the British Empire, he delivered a lecture on loyalism in the rebellious colonies which inspired Alexa Price’s own research on New Hampshire loyalists. Although he has mentored many students in his twenty years at UNH, it had been some time since Professor Gould mentored a student with a URA grant. He believes that “the best part about supervising an independent research project by a student is that you get to learn something about her or his topic that you didn’t know before.” He said this was “certainly true” of Alexa’s investigation of loyalists in revolutionary New Hampshire. “The URA is a great program,” Dr. Gould affirmed. “I’m very glad UNH has it.”