Summer Cook

Summer Cook is an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Exercise Science option. She has been at the University of New Hampshire for seven years in both a teaching and research role. Her main areas of interest are aging, resistance training, and neuromuscular function, and she teaches courses related to those topics. She also is involved with research at UNH more broadly through her service on the Institutional Review Board, the Responsible Conduct of Research Committee, and the Undergraduate Research Conference Committee. Dr. Cook enjoyed working with Margarethe and her research partner on their study of the effectiveness of foam rolling. She says that their research project involved a lot of “pilot testing and practicing to get the delayed onset muscle soreness protocol just right.” Together, they learned many new laboratory techniques. Dr. Cook has mentored several undergraduate researchers, and Margarethe is her first Inquiry author. She points out that writing for Inquiry is quite different from traditional scientific writing, but that it is a nice departure and “gives student researchers a chance to explain more about the process, challenges, and successes experienced through research.”

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