Andrew Conroy

Andrew Conroy, a professor of applied animal science and integrated agriculture within the Thompson School of Applied Science, has taught at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) since 1990. Dr. Conroy’s specialty is cattle, but he has global experience with other livestock, animal handling, and applied animal behavior. He has conducted research in Africa, including research with pastoral people in Tanzania and Namibia. Dr. Conroy spent 2008 in Namibia and 2016 in Rwanda as a Fulbright Scholar. While abroad, he investigates organizations where UNH students could do internships or supervised research in wildlife management and wildlife conflict. He has worked with twelve UNH undergraduates conducting research abroad, including projects with cheetahs, elephants, and black rhinos in Africa and with koalas in Australia. After seeing one of Dr. Conroy’s lectures about his work in Africa, Courtney Kamyk knew she had found someone who could help her follow her childhood dream of working in Africa with lions. Dr. Conroy said, “Courtney pushed me to find her a place to work in Zambia [a new country for him] and, with studying lion behavior, explore a new species struggling to survive in Africa.”