Andrew Conroy

Andrew Conroy, a professor of applied animal science and integrated agriculture within the Thompson School of Applied Science, is in his twenty-eighth year at the University of New Hampshire. Professor Conroy’s specialty is cattle (including beef, dairy, and working oxen) but he has extensive experience with other livestock and with animal handling and behavior. He has conducted research in Africa, including research with pastoral people in Tanzania and in Namibia. In 2008, Professor Conroy spent a year in Namibia as a Fulbright Scholar. While there, he investigated various organizations where international students could do internships or supervised research projects. This knowledge has allowed him to mentor a variety of students. He has mentored sixteen undergraduate researchers since 2003. Dr. Conroy was very impressed by Alison’s “absolute dedication, careful preparation, and willingness to listen to advice.” He notes that her perseverance as she developed her IROP proposal “truly made her stand out in a long line of students who tell me they want to go to Africa.”

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