Andrew Conroy

Dr. Andrew Conroy, professor of applied animal science and integrated agriculture, has been with the University of New Hampshire for twenty-five years.  He specializes in animal agriculture, and his teaching includes Large Animal Behavior and Handling, Forage and Grassland Management, Dairy Herd Management, Cooperative Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM), Dairy Selection, and Dairy Cattle Diseases, among other courses. Dr. Conroy became involved with research abroad projects after recognizing the potential for student study and research of sites he visited during his 2008 year as a Fulbright Scholar in Namibia and while on consulting trips to other African countries. He has mentored many undergraduate researchers, which included helping students with capstone or thesis projects in Italy, Tanzania, Brazil, and Namibia. Alicia is the fourth of his advisees to work in Namibia and, on a visit there, he took her to see other parts of the country, as well as to visit with friends and former students. He feels that Alicia, “greatly benefitted from being taken away from her research lab and CCF for a few days,” to learn more about Namibia.  Encouraging his students to publish their research in Inquiry is yet another way in which Dr. Conroy helps them acquire valuable skills for their future careers.