David Clarke

David Clarke is a lecturer for EcoQuest Education Foundation in Whakatiwai, Kaiaua, New Zealand. He shares responsibility for teaching the EcoQuest program content as well as designing and coordinating EcoQuest directed-research projects. Dr. Clarke’s own research interests include wetland restoration ecology, invertebrate ecology, acaralogy (the study of mites), and the study of long-tailed bats, an endemic species in New Zealand. When Jake attended the Ecology in Action semester program, Dr. Clarke served as his EcoQuest research mentor in New Zealand. Their research project focused on assessing soil invertebrates as bioindicators in a degraded lake catchment. Dr. Clarke has been the designer and supervisor for all directed-research projects related to the wider research initiative, which involves input from regional councils, community groups, universities, and private research institutions. He has supervised many undergraduate researchers, both during his PhD candidacy at the National University of Ireland Galway (2010–2015) and in his role at EcoQuest since 2016.