John Cerullo

Professor John Cerullo has been at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester since it was Merrimack Valley College more than thirty-three years ago. Currently he is the coordinator of the history program at UNHM and professor of modern European history. His overall research interest lies in the history of moral thought and, more specifically, he said, “moral issues that arise at the interface of law and politics.”  Professor Cerullo noted that Sam was not only an outstanding classroom participant but also an “outstanding researcher,” who “located the primary sources by himself.”  As a veteran mentor, Professor Cerullo feels he gains “the enormous satisfaction of seeing a seed I have planted grow into something substantial and self-sufficient, thanks entirely to the work and talents of an ambitious, self-motivated student.”  He has mentored several Inquiry authors and in the process has “wound up learning far more about the subject than I have taught.” Learning to write is vitally important for history students and, he feels, writing for Inquiry is an excellent opportunity for them to gain those skills.

Professor Cerullo has mentored Inquiry authors Devon Mercer (2006) and Randall Lawrence-Hurt (2010).