Holly Cashman

Holly Cashman is a sociolinguist and has worked at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) since 2008. She specializes in multilingualism and in language and gender and is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of these two research areas. Dr. Cashman teaches Spanish language and linguistics at all levels and also teaches in the women’s and gender studies department. With a background in sociolinguistic fieldwork, Dr. Cashman began contributing to the NH Seacoast LGBT History Project by collecting oral histories. She is enthusiastic about including UNH undergraduate students in this project on an ongoing basis; it was a pleasure to work with Aliya, she says. “Her intelligence, her passion for social justice, and her work ethic are all qualities that I admire. I look forward to seeing how the skills honed…might contribute to her success in carrying out a research project of her own design.” Dr. Cashman says it was particularly interesting to see what Aliya found to be compelling in the oral narratives she transcribed, since the purpose of the oral history project is to record the experiences of members of the Seacoast NH LGBTQ+ community for future generations. Dr. Cashman hopes to hear from any community members who would like to contribute their histories to the Seacoast NH LGBTQ Oral History Project so that even more experiences are included in the archive she and Aliya have begun to establish.