Cliff Brown

Cliff Brown, associate professor in the Department of Sociology, has taught at the University of New Hampshire for over twenty years. He specializes in teaching and research in the areas of race and ethnic relations, social inequality, social movements, and the environment. Dr. Brown became involved in this research project after Alex took his Environment and Society class, which addressed themes similar to those of Alex’s proposed research. A veteran mentor for students conducting Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) projects, writing senior theses, and participating in the McNair program, Dr. Brown enjoyed working with Alex, who he says “has a great sense of humor . . . is extremely personable . . . [and] is an intrepid researcher.” Dr. Brown found it interesting to learn about the differences among the local schools that Alex worked with and developed a better understanding of how high school students think about transportation issues. This experienced researcher and educator says that writing for Inquiry’s broader audience is “always useful, and certainly for students in sociology.”