David S. Bachrach

David S. Bachrach began teaching at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in the Department of History in fall 2003, focusing on medieval Europe. He met Ryan Saputo in his prose seminar in high medieval history. Through this course, Ryan connected with Dr. Bachrach and asked him to advise his honors thesis, which they began work on in the summer of 2021. Dr. Bachrach explains that working with Ryan to shape this project and meeting to discuss progress on a weekly basis has been a very rewarding experience. He shared that he, too, learned from Ryan’s project, as he was not previously familiar with all the materials they covered. In the past, Dr. Bachrach has mentored quite a few undergraduate students pursuing extended research projects, but Ryan is his first Inquiry author. He believes that Inquiry is a great opportunity for students to learn how to write for a broad audience, which is an important skill to develop, as sharing research insights with specialized and general readers is a central responsibility of being a historian.